Unmanned Drone Over Carolina Tiger Rescue – #6 – Small Cats

Collins bobcat

This is Episode 6 of the Unmanned Drone Over Carolina Tiger Rescue #1.

Find out more about Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro, NC.

All of the animals at the Carolina Tiger Rescue get some form of enrichment every day. This is the first time that these small cats have seen a drone. The most animated cats in this video are two servals Miami and Karrimah.

This video is an excerpt of reactions caught on camera. Often times their best reactions were off camera because the angle of the camera in the nose of the AR.Drone quadra-copter is fixed. For example, when the drone flew over the first caracal enclosure, Electra caracal jumped up on the higher platforms in her enclosure. Also, Petee ocelot loved watching the drone do flips but he’s not in the video while the drone is doing a flip.

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All Images and Videos © Merle Braley