Sweet Mama the Goat


This is Sweet Mama the goat and her two children, Ace and Ivy. They live here at Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge.  By rights they shouldn’t be here at all. In fact, they wouldn’t even be alive if Sweet Mama hadn’t escaped on her way to be slaughtered. Now she and her family have a home for life.

Founder and Shelter Manager, Lenore Braford’s compassion for the goats’ physical and emotional health seems contagious. Every detail of the animals’ care seems equally important.

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge (The Refuge) is a non-profit organization that provides lifelong sanctuary to farm animals in need

“As the animal ages and their milk production goes down, at some point they become less valuable to the farmer and they’re sold to be slaughtered. Sweet Mama was sent to an auction and escaped of her own volition and ended up having two babies Ace and Ivy at another farm where she ended up.”

– Lenore Braford
Founder and Shelter Manager
Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge

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All Images and Videos © Merle Braley