“Kitty” Cat Rescue

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA 3-4-2016 This little Kitty spent 24 hours up a tree after being chased by a couple of dogs. The owners tried in vain to rescue her using a basket attached the end of a long pole. But, Kitty refused to get in the basket. This is a story with a happy ending. …

MorningStar Homes

MORNINGSTAR HOMES – Veteran custom home builder John Lile of MorningStar Homes knows exactly what you need to know before you hire a custom builder. Hi, I’m Merle Braley and I recently I caught up with John at one of his custom homes in the triangle. After getting John mic’d up, I asked him to …

Electra the Nigerian Dwarf Goat

PIEDMONT FARM ANIMAL REFUGE – This little goat’s sister was killed by a dog, but thanks to founder and shelter manager Lenore Braford, Electra now has a safe home for life at Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge. Please share with friends… All Images and Videos © Merle Braley

Sheep at Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge

These sheep all have names, and are treated like individuals. But, it wasn’t always that way. Prior to living at the Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge, they suffered at the hands of a cruel farmer. Please share with friends… All Images and Videos © Merle Braley

Sweet Mama the Goat

PIEDMONT FARM ANIMAL REFUGE – This is Sweet Mama the goat and her two children, Ace and Ivy. They live here at Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge.  By rights they shouldn’t be here at all. In fact, they wouldn’t even be alive if Sweet Mama hadn’t escaped on her way to be slaughtered. Now she and …