iPhoneography for Real Estate at Night

AR.Drone SteadiCam, LED lighting, Olloclip lens, and Final Cut Pro X were used in this iPhone Real Estate Video.

I started shooting this MorningStar Homes home in the afternoon and into the evening. Lighting was a bit of a challenge because the sun came out of the clouds for a while. And, even then it was low in the sky. Normally, I would choose a time when the sun splashed on the front of the house. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time or weather in my favor. But, there was another benefit to being under a time constraint and working into the evening.

When it’s dark out, I don’t have the benefit of natural light brightening the rooms. I also, don’t have the problem that comes with natural light shining in the windows. The shots that I took at night gave me more control over the light and the windows. You’ll notice in some of the shots the windows were black. That’s much better than having the windows bright white from the sun.

I ended up using both daylight lit shots and night shots in this video.

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All Images and Videos © Merle Braley